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Happy Memorial Day!

We hope everyone had a nice and restful long weekend! Summer is right around the corner for sure!
The preschoolers were enjoying the nice weather last week with the water table and bikes.

We added some bubbles and did a lot of pouring and dumping down the special shoot in the table. We started sailing small boats down to see if they would make it to the "ocean" below. We also did a great job taking turns and sharing the materials in the water table!

We sure do love this time of year!:)

Also, last Wednesday the "next-year kindergartners" spent some time with Mrs. Nicole on the "itsy-bitsy spider." They did a great job listening to directions as well as cutting and gluing the book together. Be sure to be on the look out for all their hard work in their cubbies!

*Important Reminders*
* Please apply sun screen to your preschooler before coming to school. We are spending a lot of time outside and we want to make sure that everyone is protected! Sun hats and sun…

Some fun painting and planting!

The preschoolers this week worked hard on their Thank you card to the Hartford Fire and Police department. They used their feet to make a police car and a fire truck! It was super fun painting our feet (we were ticklish for sure!) and then dunking them in the water after we stepped on the paper. We want to say a big thank you to Briana, Cooper's mom and sister Elise for helping Mrs. Nichols and Mrs. L with all the work! Thank you so much! :)

Eggs anyone?

This week has been a wonderful weather week for sure! We have been spending a lot of time outside on both our preschool playground as well as the "big" playground. The preschoolers love exploring both places!

Snagging a hug!

Counting dandelions!
Over the course of the week, we have been learning about living and non living things. We have been exploring and studying plants as well as thinking about what makes something alive? Both classrooms have some different types of plants to see how they grow and change over time.

Field Trip to the Hartford Police and Fire Department

Wow the Preschoolers got to experience a great field trip to the Hartford Police and Fire department on Thursday! The Officers and Firemen did an amazing job explaining and showing what they do everyday to keep us safe. The preschoolers got to sit in both a fire engine and police cruiser and take a ride on a stretcher into an Ambulance! We also got to explore both stations as well as all the gear that helps the officers do their job. The preschoolers had a blast! We want to say a big thank you to the fire and police department as well as to all the parents and grandparents that came and helped the preschoolers have a great experience exploring the stations! They will surely be talking about this amazing field trip for awhile!

Along with our fun adventure to the fire department, we did some switching of classrooms this week as well as some Mother's Day crafts. We hope that all the moms out there have a great and relaxing day on Sunday!

To also add to the excitement, the preschool …

Wonderful Weather and Happy Birthday to Lili!

This week the Preschoolers have been in great spirits will all this nice weather we have had! We are sure loving being outside and exploring both playgrounds and around the school!
We kicked off the week with some flower play in our sensory table as well as some spring books to look at. On Thursday we went for a long nature walk around the school grounds to look for signs of spring! We collected a lot special things we found. Be sure to ask your preschooler about all the signs of spring we found on our adventure! :)

Both classrooms also did some fun art with marble painting. We really enjoy shaking the box and seeing what happens to our piece of paper that is inside!

Catching up on some other art projects! We love to color and use tape!

On Wednesday we had a great day outdoors! We spent most of the morning playing outside in the tents and with the bikes from the gym! We also played zoom ball with Mrs. Finley and colored with chalk. We had a wonderful morning and were ready for rest t…