Bee-Keeping Beth brought in her bee-keeping equipment and her children's old bee-keeping suits for the kids to check out and wear. They learned all about how bees make honey as well as how it is collected.   They even got to taste honey from Beth's own bees! Delicious!  


READ, READ, READ!!!! Reading is the Number One activity to do with children to increase success in school. Our preschoolers have many opportunities throughout each day to look at books, read books, and listen to books. It's one of their favorite activities at school. Mrs. Wise, our librarian, reads to our class every Thursday. The kids love listening to Evan read when he substitutes. The second graders are our Reading Buddies.     Ms. Patti frequently has a crowd around her when she reads during choice time. The kids miss having Ms. Shyanne read to them. Back in February, every student was able to choose a new book to bring home. A special guest reader (Olivia K's big sister) came in and read to the class onetime. Wow! It's Mrs. Waterman! It's always exciting when the kindergarten teacher visits our classroom to read to us. There's nothing like having a professional author who has published several books visit the school to talk about writing books and having them p