Monday, October 15, 2018

Movin and groovin with Ms. Duvall!

Another weird weather week we had this past week. We saw some really rainy days, as well as some hot sunny ones that felt like Summer was still holding on. I guess we do live in Vermont!
With Fall here and colder days around the corner, please start sending in layers as well as hats and small/thin gloves, and boots for your preschoolers. This will keep them comfortable in any weather we might encounter outside!
The preschoolers enjoyed the week with switching classrooms, going to the gym for the first time, as well as meeting Ms. Duvall the music teacher on Friday. She will be joining us every Friday for some fun singing and dancing! We are so excited to have her :)

*Important Reminders*
- Mrs. Nichols and Mrs. Leonard will be out this Friday 10/12 and next Friday 10/19 for Conferences. If you have any questions or concerns about anything please feel free to email us!
-Friday Nov. 2nd there is no school for Parent Teacher Conferences.
-Stay tune for information on the Preschool Pizza Pie Party coming up in November! :)

Friday, October 5, 2018

Apple Picking Success!

The Preschoolers had a great day at Riverview Farm! We had so much fun taste testing all the apples as well yellow and red raspberries we picked. We all came home with full bellies as well as lots of apples and stories to share. The preschoolers also enjoyed exploring the corn maze as well as the flower beds with each other and their family members!
 We want to say a big thank you to all the Riverview staff, the parents, grandparents, and Rivendell staff that helped make this day such a memorable one. 
Preschool 2018-2019

**Important Reminders**
- No School on Monday October 8th. This is a teacher in-service day.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Rain, Rain go away...

This week has been a wet one for sure, but the preschoolers have stayed busy doing some fun activities inside.
In Mrs. Nichols room this week, the preschoolers made some silly monsters with our new play-dough! (Thanks James!) We loved adding eyes, wings, and feet to our creations and making them come alive.

Mrs. Nichols' room also got to do a fun sensory activity with shaving cream. We practiced writing letters in our name as well as covering our hands completely! The preschoolers LOVE when we get to play with shaving cream!


In Mrs. Leonard's room this week, we did some serious work hammering golf tee's into pumpkins and gourds. It was also a fun challenge to then pull them out and start all over again. We noticed that it is a lot harder to hammer the tees into the gourds then into the pumpkin. The preschoolers had some great discussions on why we think one is easier then other.

The preschoolers also got to practice scooping and pouring with the beans and sand. We also made a lot of bean muffins and sand cakes!



**Important Reminders**
- The fall field trip is now scheduled for Thursday, October 4th to Riverview Farm in Plainfield, NH. Please fill out the sign out sheet to let your home room teacher know if your student needs a ride and if you are attending. Also, please let your homeroom teacher know if your preschooler will need a hot lunch for that day.
- There is no school on Oct.8th. This is a teacher in-service day.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

A music and smoothie kind of week...

A big Happy Birthday to Kyle! Another kiddo joining the 5's club!
This week in Mrs. Nichols' room the students got to play some fun musical instruments with each other. Everyone did a nice job taking turns and singing their favorite songs!  Also, the students got to experience water beads or aka "orb beads" in Mrs. Nichols' sensory table. They are such a fun sensory experience that students just cant get enough of them (teachers as well!)




In Mrs. Leonard's room the kitchen and baby area was opened this week. We have all been waiting so patiently for this area to open. We made so many yummy and interesting meals for our friends, teachers, and especially for our babies. We have a lot of future cooks!


Also this week in Mrs. Leonard's room, the students got to do some glitter painting as well as making some yummy smoothies. We talked a lot about what our favorite berries were to eat. We sure do love our berries we couldn't just decide on one! Everyone did a great job waiting their turn to help with the ingredients. We really enjoyed them, and had lots of silly purple mustaches! :)


**Important Reminders**
-With fall weather finally here, please dress your child in layers for chillier mornings and warmer afternoons.
- Monday October 8th there is No School. This is a teacher in-service day.
-Stay tuned for info on our upcoming fall field trip!