Dinosaurs and Leprechauns oh my!

This past week we have been busy learning about dinosaurs. Mrs. Ashley has been teaching us about dinosaur bones and fossils. We have made our own fossils out of macaroni and play-dough, also we made our very own dinosaur skeletons! Check them out on the bulletin board!

 Later in the week, we got ready for those sneaky Leprechauns! We built all different and interesting types of traps but still those sneaky leprechauns got away! We were all soo excited that they left behind some gold coins to share! :)

**Important Reminders**
- Friday March 22nd there is no school for our preschool screening day! - The week of April 15th is Spring break! -Stay tuned for information on our upcoming Spring field trip and planning day for the end of the year celebration!

Pizza week!

Welcome back! We hope that everyone had a nice and restful break! Hopefully Spring and warmer weather is right around the corner! *fingers crossed*
The preschoolers kicked off the week talking about what their favorite type of pizza. We first made some paper pizzas and talked about what toppings we like and don't like. Later on in the week, the preschoolers got to make their very own edible ones! Everyone really enjoyed making their own special pizza and experimenting by trying some new toppings. And then to end the exciting week back, Mrs. Duvall the music teacher joined us again on Friday! She too is excited for Spring to come and sang some of her favorite baby animal songs with us! We sure do love singing and dancing! :)

Making some paper pizzas after reading the book Pete's Pizza.

Welcome back Mrs. Duvall!

**Important Reminders**
- No School Monday, March 4th. -No School Friday, March 22nd.

Colorful week!

Another wacky weather week for sure! Between delays, warm ups, and cool downs the preschoolers have been having a great time! This week we made some fun pink, red, and purple colored rice to decorate our sensory table with for Valentines day. We got to see the rice magically turn colors when we shook it in bags! We couldn't wait for it to dry so we could play with it!

Mrs. Ashley also did a fun project with the rainbow. First she read the book "A Rainbow of my Own" and then the preschoolers got to create their very own rainbow out of footloops! (We had to taste test before we started the project!)

**Important Reminders**
-Valentine's Day is this coming Thursday! Please check your student's mail box for a list of both classes names and spellings if you are interested in making Valentines for next week!
- February Break is the week of the 18th!

Happy February!!

Happy February!
What a crazy week it has been in preschool. We have had a lot of preschoolers and teachers out sick with various versions of the flu or head cold. Hopefully everyone is on the mend and we will all be back next week happy, healthy, and ready to learn!
**Reminder that students need to be fever and medicine free for 24hrs before returning to school. Also, if your student can not participate fully in the daily routine, they are not well enough to be in school.** Thank you!

To spice up the week, we had some fun balls and ramps and color mixing in Mrs. Nichols room, and construction and musical instruments in Mrs. L's room. It has been to cold for the preschoolers to venture outside, but we have stayed busy and warm building and making lovely music. We have also been very lucky to have some fun gym time as well. We do obstacle courses, ride bikes/scooters, and roll & tumble on mats!

Valentine's are starting to make an appearance!!

**Important Reminders**
-February Bre…

Welcome Mrs. Ashley!!

We want to give a big welcome to Mrs. Ashley Bean! She has started this week in preschool and has already made herself right at home! We are so excited to get to know her and have her apart of our preschool family!!

What a crazy winter weather week we had! When we were at school, the preschoolers did a lot of snow activities to celebrate all the wonderful new snow we got over the weekend! We painted snow with squirt bottles and watched colors mix in the snow. We then plowed the snow with construction vehicles and shaving cream and finally, we wrapped the week with creating our own planet and talking about if we would live on a snowy planet or a warmer planet. Be on the look out for your preschoolers amazing planets they created!

**Important Reminders**
- February Break is the week of the 18th.