Determined to have fun!

Zoom Morning Meetings
               Anna and her dad made a rain shelter so                        Anna learns to knit.                they can be outside even in bad weather.
              Anna gets some exercise outside                         Anna made beads from scratch!                while learning to ride a scooter.
Kiara - outside collecting pine cones and helping rake leaves.

We’ve been planting seeds, doing domino math, painting Big Orange Splot wooden houses, baking, taking Pigeon for walks,  building with blocks! We keep forgetting to take photos bc it’s a lot of work! :) hope you guys are well.

Who needs a play kitchen when you have the real thing.  Ada looks ready to explore!

We had art today and Dean wanted to share that he made a caterpillar and named it Miss Laura.

Despite there still being snow on the ground, it’s more fun to play tag barefoot and feel the mushy ground in between our toes!

Remote Learning Fun

Happy Birthday Margaret - 5 years old!
We've made it through yet another week of remote learning and things continue to change.  Caitlin and I are so impressed with everything people are doing.  We've gotten pictures, videos, emails, and heard stories over the phone that have all been fun and inspiring to see and hear about.   Keep up the great work!

Liadan is enjoying playing card games with her family and playing outside!

Maria and her sister (an honorary home schooled preschooler) have been doing morning meeting, taking hikes, doing science experiments, art projects, and so much more!

Love the imagination!  
Math, music and movement!

Connor is going to have his numbers down in no time at all.  He's been helping shovel the snow, reading books, and writing.  Keep it up!