Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Some fun and snowy holiday crafts!

Happy Holidays! 
We had a great time making gifts for family members today at our holiday craft time. We want to thank the volunteers and those who helped purchase supplies for such a great time today!



Cookie decorating!

*Important Reminders*

- Please send in waterproof gloves or mittens for your preschoolers. The cloth gloves do not last long and make hands very cold.
- Winter break starts on Friday, December 21st.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Preschool in the Holiday Spirit!

As the holiday season approaches, the preschoolers can feel the excitement in the air! We have been busy with fun guests, special activities, and holiday crafts! Next Tuesday, the preschoolers will be doing their smaller version of "art from the heart" with some volunteers in the Art room! Be on the look out for some beautiful and creative holiday surprises coming your way! 
If you would like to help in anyway with either volunteering time or making a donation for that day please touch base with either Mrs. Nichols or Mrs. L. 
We would love to have you!

Building some towers for Santa's elves!

Snowflake art!
Some fun snuggles with Mrs. Nichols after a good book!

Also, with all this craziness the past few weeks we forgot to wish Leah a very Happy 4th birthday!
We hope you had a great day Leah! :)

As the cold starts to creep in, we really ask families to please send in layers and snow-pants. Although we do not have a ton of snow, snow pants really save on our normal pants from getting wet and yucky. Also extra pairs of mittens are always the best!
((PLEASE put your preschoolers name on everything!!!!))

*Some important reminders*

-Winter break starts on Friday, December 22nd. We will be closed until Jan. 2nd!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Both classrooms have been busy making different types of breads and muffins the past few days. We will be taking them to the senior center in Woodstock to share and spread the Thanksgiving cheer!
We hope that everyone has a happy and restful break, and we will see you all on Monday!

Making muffins!

 Banana bread!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Harvest Pie Social

The preschool wants to thank everyone that came and celebrated with us last night! It was a great time and the preschoolers loved showing off the rooms to their families. Thank you for all the yummy treats, there were not many left-overs! 
We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving next week :)

Big Smiles!! :)

Making some silly turkeys!

Future preschoolers!

We loved all the yummy desserts!

** Some important reminders**

- Nov. 22nd is a 1:00pm dismissal for Thanksgiving break! No afterschool that day.