Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Special Reader's Theater!

Today the preschoolers were invited to watch a Reader's Theater in the 2nd grade classroom. The 2nd graders did an excellent job reading and keeping their audience engaged! Thanks 2nd grade for inviting us! :)

Showing us some pictures!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Finally Sunshine!

Yay sunshine finally! We took advantage of the gorgeous day and played outside in the morning, had snack and lunch and went back outside to enjoy the weather! We loved it!! :)
Hearing about some safety rules before riding the bikes outside! We were good listeners and had a great time!

Did some painting outside which everyone had to try.

Wagon Rides!

***Some Reminders!!!***
Please let your classroom teacher know ASAP if you are planning on going on the Field trip to Newmont Farm in Bradford on Wednesday May 31st!
Also with the warmer weather and hopefully more sunny days to come, please put sun screen on your preschooler at home in the morning before arriving to school.
Thank you!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Spring is here!

Hello Preschool families!! Sorry for the delay in blog posts but the preschoolers have been busy with Spring activities and EnErGy after returning from April vacation! To catch you up on some of the fun activities we have been doing, we have....
Planted some fun Mother's Day gifts with Jenn Shatney,
Celebrated Lili's birthday! Happy 4th birthday Lili! :)
We have painted and played on the rainy days we can't go outside! (There has been way to many!)
We have tried to get outside every chance we have got and enjoy the fresh air!
 Just relaxing....
Soaking up some sunshine!! :)
We went to see the 1st grade perform "Where the Wild Things Are"! We loved their masks and the music that went along with the play. Thanks for inviting us 1st grade!
And we have been having fun playing with all our friends!
**Some IMPORTANT Reminders & dates!!**
*Kindergarten Orientation is this Saturday May 13th!
** The Field trip to Newmont Farm in Bradford, VT. is Wednesday May 31st!
*** The Ice Cream Social and End of the year Celebration is June 7th at 5:30!

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Duck update!:
One hatched today! yay finally! The preschoolers watched him or her kick and crack their egg around lunch time for about 20 minutes. They were so fascinated with the eggs moving and changing right before their eyes! We were so excited to wake up from nap and find this little guy/girl stumbling around! :)
Another on the way! Be sure to check the incubator for possibly two ducklings tomorrow morning!


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring is here!! and Welcome Mrs. Kim! :)

Welcome Mrs. Kim!! Mrs. Kim started with us on Monday and has fit right into our preschool family! We are so excited to have her join us during this great time of year,Welcome!!

We added 2 new chicks to our growing flock of 5! We are all very eager for the arrival of the ducks, which should come either tomorrow or Thursday! :) The preschoolers have given names to all the chickens, they are Watcher, Brownie, Daffodil, Snowball, and lastly Scaredy Cat.

Yesterday and today were ABSOLUTELY gorgeous out! The preschoolers (and teachers) have enjoyed going out with no snow-pants or coats on! We have been playing in the mud, the water, and on the swings! Keep this weather coming!
*Please check your preschoolers extra clothing box to see if they need pants, socks, shirts.*


Mud Cake!