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Welcome Darwin!

The Westshire Preschool welcomes Darwin to our preschool family! We are so excited to have you join us! :)

Holiday fever is in the air in preschool for sure! We have been all busy, busy, busy! We had some every exciting celebrations as well as visitors this week. First off we wished Henry Atticus a Happy Birthday! He turned 4 this week and celebrated with us with some fun dog cupcakes! They were so yummy!
Later in the week, the preschoolers had a very sleepy guest visit! Greta, Henry Atticus' new puppy came for a special visit. Although she was a sleepy girl through it all, the preschoolers were so excited to meet and pet her!

This week thePreschoolers did some fun 3D snowman art as well candy cane beading, and illustrating a picture for their story on what they do at Christmas time. Everyone did a great job with all the projects.


Busy little Preschoolers!

What a busy week the preschoolers had! We started off the week making a special craft with Henry Atticus's nana. She read the story Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree and how he shared the Christmas spirit just by cutting off the top of his Christmas tree! After the story, we got to make our very own Christmas trees that are now display in our classrooms. They make our classrooms so festive!

Later on in the week we had our special Holiday craft day! This is the day when the preschoolers go to the art room and do some fun crafts with our parent volunteers. We made gingerbread houses, cards, frames, candle holders, and a fun popcorn bags that looked like an owl! The preschoolers really enjoyed the whole day and all the unique crafts. Thanks to all the parent volunteers, people that donated materials, and staff that helped make the day a complete success! :)

Later on in the week, the preschoolers explored animal tracks in snow as well balls and ramps! We made some pretty amazing ramp…

Snooowww much fun!

The weather has been crazy again this week with snow, rain, and wind, but that does not bother the preschoolers! They have been having fun doing some fun wintery crafts inside as well as playing in the new snow we have outside!

We made some great snow people and reindeer with playdough!

We also made some beautiful snowflakes to decorate our windows with!

The preschoolers also played in the "snow" with some animals they might see out their windows at home or at school.  We have been noticing some turkey tracks on our playground and has sparked a lot of questions: where do they live, what do they eat, and where do they sleep?

And of course Ruby snuggles and marbles are always a hit!

**Important Reminders!** - Our annual holiday craft day is this coming Tuesday Dec. 4th! If you have time available that day to help us make some crafts tha

Pizza Pie Party Success!

What a great turn out we had at our first Pizza Pie Party last night!  Everyone seemed to have a great time checking out all the fun crafts and projects the preschoolers have been working on. It was also great to see and meet new family members that our preschoolers talk about daily!  We the preschool staff want to say thank you to all the families for all their support and help in making this fun event come together!  We also want to say a big thanks to Dawn and Jason Taylor for ordering and picking up all the pizza!! Thank you!
The Westshire Preschool would also like to say welcome to our two new students, Emmett and Ryan!

We hope that everyone has a happy and healthy Thanksgiving break! We will see you on Monday.
Also a big Happy Birthday to Leah this coming Sunday!! Welcome to the 5's club! :)