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Happy Thursday!

Preschoolers are defiantly having "spring fever" this week for sure. With the warmer days we have been venturing outside and have been enjoying what is left of the wet snow, (I guess there is more snow to come tomorrow!) *As a reminder please, please, please pack your preschooler extra socks, pants, and shirts for them to change into when we come back inside. Also if you borrow any clothes from school to please return them so we can have them for other emergencies! Thank you! *Other reminders - No school tomorrow--- Friday March 31st! **Steering Committee is on Thursday, April 6th at 6:00 at Samuel Morey. We will be talking about where the preschoolers next adventure will be this Spring! Please come with ideas on where would be a great place to spend a day with 45-50 preschoolers! Keep thinking Spring and have a great weekend :) Happy Birthday to Layla!! She will be 5 tomorrow! :)

thinking spring by drawing some flowers!

What.. snow again?!

The Preschoolers have been busy this week! With our low numbers in both rooms we have been combining classrooms and exploring each room. We have enjoyed the kitchens, sensory tables, and art projects we have done. We were a little surprised by the all the snow on Friday, but we love to get outside and sled. :) As a reminder please have your preschooler wash their hands upon arrival. We still have a few coughs, runny noses, and belly bugs going around and we would love to kick off spring with no illnesses! *knock on wood* Also Friday March 31st there will be no school that day for the preschoolers. This is the day the preschool teachers get to meet the new incoming preschoolers for the upcoming school year. :)
Counting game we just learned this week.
We have been exploring water beads in our sensory table this week. The students love to feel and explore what is hiding below!

Happy Library Day! Have a great weekend! :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! What a crazy weather week with Blizzard Stella! It brought the preschoolers soo much great snow to play in again! Hopefully we will be seeing grass and flowers soon with the first day of Spring next week! The preschoolers celebrated St. Patrick's Day by doing some arts and crafts as well as some baking with Mrs. Nancy in after school program. Check out the awesome 4 leaf clover cookies! :)

Silly little leprechauns!

Burr... still cold out there!

Wow one minute the preschoolers are thinking that Spring has finally arrived, and than the next its back to winter! We have had a crazy week between outdoor play in the beautiful weather and indoor play in the gym or in the classrooms when it has been too windy or cold! Crazy March! We have stayed busy building, coloring, and creating rainbows and pizzas! Some reminders: No school tomorrow Friday March 10th. Also please bring in extra clothes for your preschooler. We tend to get very wet when we are playing outside in the puddles and ice! Thank you!

Pajama Day :)

Happy Pajama Day!! Preschoolers kicked off their special day with some pancakes and fun stories about pajamas and pancakes! The preschoolers loved seeing everyone's fun and silly pjs. (Mrs. Nichols had the best moose slippers!) We had pajamas of all sorts, some super heroes, TV characters, princesses, polka-dots and stripes and many more! Everyone had a great day :) We can't wait until next year! Yummy pancakes!!
 Hooray for PJ DAY!!!
Say Pancakes!!! :)