Friday, April 27, 2018

Welcome back!

Welcome back and Happy Arbor Day!

We hope everyone had a nice and relaxing spring break! Although the weather was not so spring like, the preschoolers have been enjoying the warmer temperatures and rain showers this week! yay spring!

Today the preschool celebrated Arbor Day by doing some fine motor painting with q-tips. We painted the earth and talked about why it is important to protect our trees and our planet. Next in our celebration plans, we plan on planting some beautiful saplings donated to us! We are still deciding where they will be planted so future preschoolers can enjoy them! (Thanks Cooper!)

This week both classrooms have started working on shape wind chimes. The students have to find matching shapes and then tape them onto a piece of string. This has really helped students get to know their shapes as well as use our favorite... tape! Check out their awesome 3-D Art in the classrooms soon!

 On one of the rainy days this week Mrs. L's class made some brand new play dough! Everyone did a great job helping and taking turns adding the ingredients. They have really enjoyed their green "grass" play dough!

Mrs. Nichols class has been hard at work making bridges with all different types of blocks. They are using some of the wooden ones as well as duplos. They have come up with some great and creative ideas!

And finally we have really enjoyed being outside soaking up some of the nicer weather we have had in along time! We are all ready for some more sunny days!

**Important Reminders**

-The field trip to the Hartford Police and Fire department is on Thursday, May 10th. Please sign up in our classroom to let your teachers know if your preschooler will be attending!

-There is No school on Monday, May 28th for Memorial Day.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Some fun new exploration in Preschool!

This week the preschoolers were busy exploring their new natural blocks. They built some amazing towers and platforms for their wood creatures to play on. 

The preschoolers did a great job working together later on in the week making a school bus! We painted and decided what needed to be on the bus, as well as what color(s) it needed to be. We did great job working together and planning everything in a kind and thoughtful way!

We also had some eggs join the classroom this week as well. Although no chicks hatched on Friday when they were supposed to, we are excited to see what ones will hatch after break! Stay tuned for updates during vacation week to see what chicks make their debut!

**Important Reminders**
The snow has finally melted on the playground! Yay! Preschoolers do not need their snow pants anymore. Students will need either some mud boots or an outdoor pair of shoes. Still having a pair for inside and out helps keep down the mud and dirt tracked into our classroom during the "mud-season"! 
Thank you!

-Spring Vacation week is April 16th-20th.
-Spring Field trip is Thursday, May 10th at the Hartford Fire and Police Department.
-May 28th there is No school.

Hope everyone has a nice spring break! :)

Thursday, April 5, 2018


April Showers bring May flowers!
The preschoolers this week did some switching of classrooms due to the rain and yucky weather we have had the past few days. The preschoolers got to explore and spend some time in the opposite classroom with different teachers. Each class had a great time playing with all the new toys and materials each room has to offer. 

One of the fun activities we have had this week is playing with water beads or "orb beads"! They are slimy, bouncy, and super fun to scoop and pour!

Some other projects we did is Tractors in the "mud". The preschoolers love seeing all the different tracks the tires make in the very colorful mud.

An egg-cellent dinner! :)

*Important Reminders*

-Spring break is the week of April 16th to the 20th.
-The Spring Field trip will be to the Hartford Police and Fire Department is on Thursday, May 10th. (See info in your preschoolers mailbox.)