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Wacky weather and butterflies!

What a wacky week weather wise! The preschoolers were melting like popsicles Monday through Wednesday and wearing coats Thursday and Friday! Overall we have had a great week getting outside and enjoying whatever weather we encountered! We released two more butterflies from our tank and picked the pumpkins out of our garden. We can't wait to explore and do fun activities with the pumpkins next week.  Both preschool rooms have been working on counting and shapes, as well as learning some fun new songs at Morning Meeting. (Be sure to ask your preschooler to teach you what song they have been working on at circle, they are becoming such pros at them!) Also, this week we had our first Fire drill. The preschoolers all did an amazing job listening and following directions. Great job!

Doing some counting at snack time.

Following some "directions" on how to make a train track.

Going for a ride in the van!

Checking in on our Morning Message board.

Playing in the leaves on a hot a…

Special Friday!

Another busy week in the Preschool! Monday we had Picture Day, which turned out to be a great success! To add to our special Monday, we welcomed Tyson to Mrs. L's class! We are so excited to have another friend join our preschool family! Welcome!!

Today (Friday) the preschoolers got to release their first Monarch butterfly! We have all been waiting patiently to see when our butterflies would make their grand appearance.    We were all very curious to see it spread its wings and walk up and down the stick!

With all of this gorgeous weather we have been having, the preschoolers have been spending a lot of time outside! We have been playing "kitties", trucks, and enjoying our sand box. We don't want this weather to end!  It will stay this warm up until December right??

We hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys the beautiful weather we are suppose to have :)

-The preschooler will be having their first field trip on Thursday October 5th, to River View…

Buzzey Week!

The preschoolers had a busy first full week of school! We kept exploring our classrooms as well as our play space outside. Everyone is settling in very nicely into their classrooms! 

All of our caterpillars are in their cocoons! We are eagerly waiting to see when they turn into butterflies!

Mrs. Nichols' class did some beading with pipe cleaners and pony beads. They made some beautiful bracelets to wear!

We had Kyle's mom, Katelyn come in and share a special treat with us on Thursday while the bigger kids were at the Tunbridge fair. She brought in some maple candies that her and her family make. She explained about how they were made.  The preschoolers loved them! Thank you! :)

Also on Thursday we got to go and do art with Mrs. Bando! We made bee pictures out of oil pastels. We will finish our drawings next Thursday! Bee on the look out for them!

**Special dates to remember!** *Picture day is Monday September 18th!! Please fill out your forms and ha

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!!

We want to send out a warm welcome to all our new preschool families and preschoolers! We are so excited to have you apart of our preschool family this year. Our blog will come out weekly (generally on Thursday or Friday) about all the exciting things we have done over the week in our classrooms. We will also post any important dates or special messages to keep everyone in the loop on what's coming up! Please feel free to add any grandparents, relatives, or friends to the email list. The blog is a great way for extended families to see what is going on in preschool as well! :) 

Here is some of the fun we had in preschool over the first two weeks of school! :)

**Important dates** -After school program starts Monday, September 11th. -The Steering Committee is on Thursday, September 14th at Samuel Morey at 6:00. -Picture day is Monday, September 18th. Please fill out your forms and return them to your home room teacher ASAP!