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Happy Birthday Riley!

Happy Birthday Riley! Riley turns 4 tomorrow! We hope you have a great birthday and thank you for the yummy chocolate cupcakes and coins! Everyone loved them!

The preschoolers had a busy week. They started the week out by making their beautiful valentines pockets which would hold all their treats and cards. On Valentine's Day, preschoolers exchanged cards and goodies. They had to find their friends pockets which was hard work but the students did a great job recognizing which name went with what pocket. Very well done!  Our Valentines Celebration was also a great success! The preschoolers were all so excited to check out what they each got in their special pocket.

As the week went on we started a new outer space project as well as continued our towers project. The students made some more wonderful buildings. However after creating some tall towers, you have to sit down to a lovely meal! :)

We hope everyone has a great and restful break! We will see you all on Monday!! :)

Happy Birthday Mrs. Nichols!

Happy Birthday Mrs. Nichols! We celebrated Mrs. Nichols by making some brownies and a balloon card! We hope she has great day! :)

We even had some teachers and students so excited to celebrate Mrs. Nichols birthday, they got dressed up for the occasion! hehe :)

This week the Preschoolers have been busy constructing even more amazing towers! They have worked together to build some amazing structures!  Great team work guys!

Hard at work fixing anything we have broken in the classroom!

Some Important Reminders**
-Winter break Feb.19-23rd March 5th there is No School. This is a teacher in-service day!