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Happy Holidays!

Thank you to all the parents and volunteers for helping us make the Craft day such a success! We had such a great turn out and the kids made some super sweet and cute gifts to share with their families. They really enjoyed the whole day. Thank you again! :)

The preschoolers have been having fun in all the snow we have gotten this winter so far! We love sledding, making snowballs, penguin sliding!
From the Preschool Team we wish you all a happy and healthy holiday! :) Have a great vacation!

Turn-Over Wednesday!

I hope everyone had a restful and wonderful Thanksgiving last week!
After a long weekend and an Ice day yesterday, we did some fun cooking to kick off Wednesday and some train building to travel into Thursday!! We also got started making our letter G with glitter and glue for the letter of the week. The preschoolers loved seeing what would pop up after they covered their glue with beautiful glitter.

Using an apple peeler to make our apple turn-overs!
Very fascinated that it makes the apples into spirals! :)
 Taking turns using the peeler.

LOTS of glitter and glue on the preschoolers and the paper!

Preschoolers have been doing a lot with marbles and shoots as well as trains and building tracks. They are great builders and problem solvers. *Some important reminders**** -Friday Dec.16th is our holiday crafting day! Please let you teacher know if you are able to help out that day with any crafts! -Friday Dec.23rd there is no school for the start of the Holiday Break!

Happy Birthday Xander!

Happy Birthday Xander!! Welcome to the 5's club! :)
Thank you so much for the yummy cupcakes Xander. We loved them! Today in the spirit of the new snow we made snow-boys and girls! We had a great time gluing all the body parts on and adding some snowflakes all around!

For the past few weeks Mrs. Hillary has been joining us to read the book Jamberry. She reads with the kids and plays games related to the story to help with memory and language. We have really enjoyed having her on Tuesdays and Fridays!