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Big Day for the Preschool!!!

Phew! The preschoolers had two exciting things happen today and we are beat! We had our hike up to Southworth Park, which was an amazing time AND we had the West Fairlee Fire Department come and visit our school!  The preschoolers explored the rocks, trees, grass, and banks. They climbed, jumped, and ran around finding bugs and other treasures the park had to offer! We used magnifying glasses to get a closer look at some interesting bugs and greenery. We defiantly had a blast! :)

Turkey Feather Trey found on the walk up!
One of the many caterpillars we found :)
The big stump we all liked climbing on.

Do I like butter?

Making the trek back to school!
Then the fun didn't end... the fire truck came!!!

Water Fun!

Preschool spent the morning playing with the sprinkler (Thanks Cooper!), washing toys, and playing in the water table! We got soaked but we had a blast!

Getting our toys squeaky clean!

Tomorrow we are taking our little walking field trip up to Southworth park! Please remember that your preschoolers will need good walking shoes and a water bottle! :) Please be on time for school! *Last day of school is this Friday the 16th at 1:00 pm! :

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! The preschoolers have been busy this week with trying to dodge the rain and getting outdoors for some fresh air! We were so grateful to have a gorgeous day on Wednesday for our end of year Ice Cream social. Thank you to all the families and staff for coming out to celebrate another great year for the Westshire Preschool! :) We also want to thank the 4th grade and the Kindergarteners for putting up some colorful and musical pots and pans that have added some musical flare to our playground! We sure have been enjoying and testing them out! :)

-Worm Hunters-

Again thanks to all the families that helped make our Ice Cream social a huge hit! We were so glad to see everyone there! :) *The last day of School is Friday June 16th at 1:00 pm. Please take all of your students clothes, sleeping stuff, and other belongings home with you for the summer! Thank you for all your support this year! :)