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Happy Halloween!

Today we had a great time celebrating Halloween! We had ladybugs, astronauts, super-heroes, hunters and trains! We had a great morning showing off our costumes to our friends! Happy Halloween from the 2016 Preschoolers! :)

Montshire Field Trip!

Today all three preschools got to the Montshire Museum! We had such a great time looking at the Dinosaur exhibit, and all the other things the Montshire has to offer. Take a look at some of the great pictures of our fun day! :)

Thank you to everyone that made our first Preschool Field Trip a success!:)

Music Monday!!

The Preschool loves Music Mondays! We have been learning two new songs; "Hickety Pickety Bumble Bee" and "Snail, Snail". The kiddos sing the songs all day long and especially at meal times. At music we got to play the piano as well, which we absolutely love to do!

Also this morning we got to do a special project with the pumpkins from our garden. We got to hammer golf tee's into the pumpkins which we all were very interested in! We had a great time making the pumpkins look "spikey". The preschoolers did a great job taking turns with the hammers and golf tees.
***Some important reminders!!!**** *Wednesday October 26th is the Field Trip to the Montshire Museum. *There is no school Friday November 4th for Parent Teacher Conferences. Please sign up for a time that works best for you! *Harvest Dinner is on Tuesday November 15th at 5:30

Busy Friday!

Today in both preschool we were SUPER busy doing all sorts of Halloween art! We did some more painting on pumpkins, making our feet into ghosts, and dressing up!
              Making some scary Halloween pumpkins with some different shaped sponges! A doctor taking care of a bumblebee!  We have really enjoyed coloring Halloween coloring pages! We really enjoy the bats and pumpkins!
Fridays both Preschool rooms get to go to Library and "check out" books for the classroom. We enjoy going down and exploring all the different options. ****As a reminder the Fall Preschool Field trip is this coming Wednesday the 26th. We will be leaving around 9:15 in the morning after morning snack and then heading off to the Monsthire Museum. We will be spending some time there and having lunch. We will be leaving the Montshire around 12:00 and getting back to school around 12:30ish. We are so excited to go on our first field trip! :) **Other important information to notice is sign-up sheets fo…

Pumpkin Carving Tuesday!

Today in Preschool we did some sensory discovery with Pumpkins we grew in the garden. We scooped with our hands and spoons to get all the seeds out. They were pretty slimy and tricky to get! Some of the pumpkins we carved into faces! Tomorrow we will be getting to taste the yummy seeds after we cook them. We are excited to try them, and some of us have never tasted them before! :)

In Morning Meeting we have been working hard on raising our hands to talk. We are practicing taking turns listening to our classmates stories or questions before sharing something of our own. We are becoming pros at speaking one at time. This week have also been working with the Letter E! Remember if you have anything that starts with the letter E at home please bring it into share! :)

Today we also got to go to the gym. We absolutely love going to the gym and look forward to our time riding bikes and playing with balls.

Today Shawn was the Leader of the Day, and Kaleb did a share! Tomorrow's Leader of t…