Friday, March 30, 2018

Spring has Sprung!!

What a great weather week! The Preschoolers loved being outside and enjoying some warm weather and sunshine! On our playground we have a nice water "hole/pond" where all the ice and snow melt has collected. The preschoolers have really enjoyed scooping the water out with their shovels, rakes, and even hands! They have also gone fishing and said there were monsters lurking below! Eek! 
As the snow melts more today and this weekend, we cant wait to see what the pond will have in it next week!


This week the preschoolers did some Easter activities with water colors and paints. We were all pretty excited for the Easter bunny to come this weekend. Also thanks to Cooper for a very interactive share! He brought in a special craft to make baby chicks and bunnies for the class! Thank you!

Both classrooms have been working hard on writing our names and letters that our special to us. Some fun ways we have been practicing our writing is on white boards. We love writing a bunch and  then wipe it away! Everyone is doing a great job and trying very hard!

Hope everyone has a nice long weekend and Easter! We will see you Monday!

*Some Important Reminders*

*Please fill out the sign in/out sheet. We have noticed some parents are forgetting to complete this in the morning and even in the afternoon. We need this for licensing regulations and for safety and staffing.

*Please also fill out Breakfast/lunch tickets for the week if your student is interested. Recently we have a influx of students wanting breakfast and not having the right number to pass along to the cook. It would be super helpful for us to be prepared in the morning! Thank you!

*Spring break is the week of April 16th- 20th.

Friday, March 23, 2018

March Madness!!

The Preschoolers have been busy bodies this week. We have been doing some different art projects as well as adding to our dramatic play area with some new dresses, coats, handbags, and accessories! They have enjoyed going on picnics as well as taking their babies to the movies. 
 The Preschoolers have also been continuing their exploration of space and getting messy with paper mache with Mrs. Nichols! Stop by and check out our planets as well as our "space suits" we made this week!

To burn off some of our "spring-y" energy, the preschoolers LOVE going to the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We play with bikes, balls, gym mats, and other things to challenge our balance, speed, and coordination! Thursdays are extra special because we have playgroup that day. This is when future preschoolers come and check out the gym and play with the current preschoolers. We love playing and seeing all the babies!

Having warmer weather right around the corner (hopefully...) we please ask that parents to provide your preschooler with LOTS of extra clothes like socks, pants, under-ware, and shirts.  Already our playground has become some what of a swimming pool and to make sure that your preschooler is comfortable later on in the day, it is always helpful to have extra clothes on hand! Thank you in advance!

Have a great weekend!:)

*Some Reminders!*
- There is No School Friday March 30th.
-April 16th to the 20th is Spring break.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Leprechaun Traps!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The Preschoolers made leprechaun traps today to catch the pesky leprechauns that will be making havoc in our classrooms this weekend! We hope we can catch some! 
Check out our traps on Monday!

Last week we celebrated Love to Read week and Dr. Suess's Birthday by wearing our pajamas and slippers! We read some great stories like Horton Hatches an Egg, Cat in the Hat, Cat and the Hat comes Back, Green Eggs and Ham. We also celebrated by enjoying some cinnamon rolls we made as well!

We continue to learn about Space and planets! Here is some astronauts getting ready for take off!

Preschoolers have also started to work with Mrs. Nicole on Mondays and Fridays. Mrs. Nicole comes in and teaches us different ways to help regulate our bodies, breath and calm down, and be just right in our classroom space. She also takes the preschoolers that will be going into Kindergarten next year for some more tailored one on one instruction. We have been having a blast learning different ways to move in our classroom, as well as different ways to calm down our bodies!

And lastly, Cooper brought in a very special share that he made on Wednesday. He and his grandfather made some delicious maple syrup and he brought some in with some doughnuts for a special treat! Thank you!

** Important Reminders**
- Friday March 30th there will be No School. 
-Thursday March 22nd @ SME will be our Spring Steering Committee. This will be held at 6:00. Please join us in planning our spring field trip.
-April 16th-20th is Spring Break!


Friday, March 2, 2018

Up, up, and away!

Welcome back! We are glad everyone had a nice and restful winter break. We had some beautiful weather to enjoy over our time off, but now we are back and ready to shoot for the stars!

The preschoolers are jumping right into our exploration of rockets and outer-space! Mrs. Nichols class has been working hard on making rockets and planet earths out of paper mache. It sure was messy but the preschoolers loved it!

A rocket has landed in Mrs. L's class, and the preschoolers have been exploring the stars with their special flashlights and the proper astronaut gear!

Making launch pads for our rockets to blast off!

Getting our babies ready for the long ride to the moon!

The preschoolers also got to experience something pretty cool this week. Jenn Shatney donated a huge books of preschooler size skis for us to try when we are out on our playground! The preschoolers loved just scooting along and learning the feel of the skis. After some more practice we hope to try the little hill we have on our playground. Thank you so much Jenn for the amazing donation!

Everyone tried the skis, and they all did a great job! 

**Some Important Reminders**
-PLEASE make sure your preschooler has extra clothes either in their backpack or in their box at school. With all this rain and warm weather the snow is very wet, and soaks right through our snow-pants and boots making us very uncomfortable for the rest of the day! Please check with your teacher to see what your student needs!

-Monday, March 5th there is No School because of teacher In-service day!
-Friday, March 30th there is no school. This is our preschool screening day for new incoming students.