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Sensory and Science in the preschool

Hello Preschool Families! Sorry for the delay in last weeks blog. Sometimes there is just not enough hours in the week to do everything you want to get done! Hope everyone had a good "bad weather day" yesterday. If you did not get called or contacted in some way, please let us know so we can make sure Carrie in the office has all the correct phone numbers and contact information for the next "snow day!"

Sooo.... last week the preschoolers did a lot of science and sensory things in each classroom. Mrs. Nichols' class experimented with wax paper and droppers and colors. It was a very neat experiment!

Mrs. L's class carved a pumpkin we grew in the garden this summer. We later did some sensory discovery with scooping out the seeds, and cooking and then eating them. We were all not a huge fan of eating the pumpkin seeds but at least we tried them!

Mrs. Nichols class is working on patterns at morning meetings with little dinos. We are getting really good at maki…

Reading away!

This week the preschoolers not only had one special reader come to visit but two! Mr. Foxall the principle at SME came visited our school on Tuesday for the principle swap and read the classic book Corduroy. Then on Thursday, Mrs. MacQueen came in and read her funny Pete the Cat books we love! The preschooler enjoy being read to and want to Thank our two special guest readers for coming in and spending some time with us! Also, on Thursday Play-group hosted by the OCCC started up again. This is when members of the surrounding communities or future preschool students come and hang out with us in the gym from 9-11. This allows new families to get to know the school, the teachers, and see some of the fun activities we do here at the Westshire Preschool. If you know of anyone in the West Fairlee or Vershire area with kiddos that are around the 2-3 year old mark we would love to have them join!

**Some Important Reminders**
-Friday November 3rd there is No School. Parent Teacher Conferences…

Welcome Gunner!

Mrs. Nichols room had a new friend join our their room on Tuesday. We want to welcome Gunner to our preschool family! Welcome! :)

This week we did a bunch of projects in both rooms. Both classrooms worked on a joint project for the bulletin board out in the hall with Mrs. Smith, as well as making stories and towers in Mrs. Nichols' room and decorating pumpkins and exploring sunflowers in Mrs. L's room. They have been busy little bee's these days!

                                                    Light table play with colorful legos!

Glue and glitter!

                                                                 Tall towers and hospitals!

**Important reminders**
-With the days getting cooler please pack layers for your Preschooler. This is helpful for when its chilly in the morning but comfortable in the afternoon! -Please check your mailboxes for school pictures. They all came back so cute!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Beautiful day for a field trip!

Our field trip on Thursday to River View farm in Plainfield was a great success! We had the most gorgeous weather to pick apples, raspberries and pumpkins. Some preschoolers and their parents ventured into the corn maze while others picked and tried some yummy peach colored raspberries! What an amazing day! Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, and staff at River View farm for making this a wonderful trip. We will be sure to come back in the future! (Also a big thanks to Brooke Gladstone for helping us teachers line this trip up! :))
Some yummy cider and cheese to start our day!

Planning what they are going to do first!

Wagon full!